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            Registered management experts
            Service all over the world


            Our advantage

            Utrust enterprise investment consulting company international offshore management experts

            The production enterprise is a professional advisory body to provide oversea company registration and investment planning and other related services.

            Experienced team of professional and experienced team

            Members of the group are composed of senior international accountants, lawyers and senior business consultants. The professional team is well versed in the knowledge of finance, taxation, government policies, production and trade, business planning and so on.

            And the authority of the world to establish a long-term cooperative relations

            We have established a long-term and close cooperation with many of the world's top banks, law, accounting and finance, to meet the needs of customers.

            Policy dynamics


            24 hour hotline:+86 13588024949  BSI HOT-LINE:400-711-2005
            Rm.220,Building3,Yuejuncheng,No.128,Hexing Road,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang,China.  TEL:0571-85081281 85081282 85085700  FAX:0571-85081280
            To visit in Shanghai:Shanghai xuhui district no. 2020 (HuaYi edifice) 2, 16 floor  BSI HOT-LINE:400-711-2005
            shenzhen:shenzhen futian district 2012 color entrance garden building A 21st floor  BSI HOT-LINE:400-711-2005
            Beijing:Beijing chaoyang district no. 88 jianguo SOHO modern city 5, 29 floor  BSI HOT-LINE:400-711-2005
            Hong Kong:Hong Kong - 55 constant ze commercial building 15 floor  TEL:00852-31781676  FAX:00852-31781675
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